The main objectives for “Life is a Special Event” on-line training program is that participants of our programs can experience:

Empowering Choices in Your Life

  • Self-Satisfaction Lessons in Living
  • Creating and Living a Life by Design
  • Unimaginable and Unprecedented Results in Life
  • Communication with Self and Others

 Here is What You Will Learn in this Self-Mastery Quest:

  • How to create your life with an eventful theme that inspires and grounds you with actions in alignment with what you want to create and/or accomplish.
  • How you experience life with choices, moment by moment, with freedom and ease.
  • How to develop communication and conversation mastery, understanding how your words and thoughts create your reality.
  • How to design life and deliver a new future for yourself and to realize your FULL potential.

Upon successful completion of our program you can continue to engage in our membership community to discover your best self, exchange success. life stories and develolp life-long friendships.

Lesson #1 – CHOICE

Every day you are faced with hundreds of choices. The speed in which you make this choice is key to outcomes of the event. Choice moves a future forward.

Lesson #2 – LANGUAGE

We shape our experience of the world by the stories and narratives that we tell ourselves. When we speak, we shape our life events that surround us and this is exactly how we are going to shape the new you.

Lesson #3 – TRUST

Trust is the bedrock of all relationships are built on. It is key to nurturing family relationships, productive business relationships, satisfying friendships and ultimately, flourishing societies.

Lesson #4 – INTEGRITY

The English word integrity derives from the Latin root word integer, which means oneness or wholeness. In the world you inhabit, integrity means achieving unity of thought, word, and action. You are either “in” or “out” of integrity.


To be accountable is to take ownership of all special events, actions, and outcomes in your life. When you are accountable you see yourself as the fundamental creative force in life and declare that you are unwilling to delegate this role to anyone or anything.


Either you learned the declaration “I always have a choice” gives you power to act consciously, with clarity and conviction. If you are willing to mentally believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind on, you bring it to life with your actions, then you can accomplish whatever it is you hold to be greatness.

Lesson #7 – HONESTY

The degree to which you aware is the degree to which you are willing to let yourself know your own truth. The practice begins with centering, as there is no possibility of keeping self-awareness without returning to your centre, which is your foundation.

Lesson #8 – COMMITMENT

In a world where performance counts, where everything you do matters, where the smallest detail can create the difference between success and failure, commitment is everything, It is at the heart of our transformation.


Living your life as the new YOU is the means by which you can and will build authentic power, lasting diginity, continued satisfaction, and the peacefulness that comes from having contributed to the next generation by living your life well.

Life is a Special Event Self-Mastery Quest Program 

  • 12 week Self-Mastery Quest Program II (includes 4  45 – minute group coaching sessions and one 30 minute celebration call) – $1,397.00 USD

Special Planner Rate;

  • Planners who are in transition and looking for a new outlook on what your life can look like, please email me for information on a special planner rate for the program. Reach me at

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