When I hired Carol as my business coach, I had no idea that she would also become my life coach. Carol helped me realize that in order to succeed in business, I had to first succeed as a person. And that meant believing in me first and then learning to communicate in a positive way with my family. With Carol’s guidance I have formed a deeper and more caring relationship with my daughter. Instead of confrontations, we now have conversations. We help and enjoy each other in a way I had not thought possible.

As a mentor and advisor, Carol has been an invaluable resource. I am grateful that I had the good sense to hire her and am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.  

Debbie Arato, CSEP    
Arato Entertainment & Events Inc.

I learned a lot in this program about myself and it gave me a boost. Carol helped me be very specific with my words in defining my focus in what I want and within weeks I now have exactly what I wanted with my job.  I am happy within myself and this makes it easier with my family unity.

 Simone Narasa

In the Life is a Special Event Program offered I got to create a theme for my life, specifically for the year and creating the theme of my life was a genius ideas with an intention. It gave me an empowering outlook for my life, that I could look through a lens, an intention that is ever evolving and fun.  I am aware of my accomplishments and have a natural awareness as a result of being in your program.  I followed through on the assignment you gave me and now have my master plan for the full year! The exciting part is that I can continue to use through the years to come. Thank you Carol for the gift that you are bringing to the world.

Ayesha Khalid

Our conversations were authentic and inspiring. I was able to share my real self without any judgement.  I felt freedom.  What I was able to do in a very brief time in this program was to release old habits of my life that let me down; I completed more of my long to do list in four weeks of the eight week program than I have in five years.  I let the pity party go; and as a result, I now experience heartfelt joy in my life.  My life theme of the Butterfly is projected into all that I do  and how I live my life.

Karen Rodriguez

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking the 12 week Life is a Special Event program that included the one-one-one weekly calls with Carol, and it changed my life. I have more confidence, determination and belief in myself for the first time in years.

I have taken many self help programs and they did not engage me or give me the results I wanted. Life is a Special Event, has been the program that I have gotten results with and allowed me to celebrate my eventful life. 

Thank you Carol.

Deirdra Watson, CPR   CEO and Founder
Concept Solutions, Public Relations | Event Management | Website Design

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